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Our open house and survey are now closed.  Please visit MSTIP '23-'28 for more information.

We proposed 25 projects for the Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP) 2023-2028 funding cycle. The estimated cost of these projects is much higher than the $160 million available.

Help us trim the project list to make the best use of your MSTIP dollars by visiting the following “tables.”

  • About MSTIP ’23-‘28: Learn more about MSTIP and the MSTIP ’23-’28 funding cycle.
  • Proposed Projects: Discover which projects are proposed for Commissioner District 1, District 2, District 3 and District 4. Which projects do you think will most benefit our community?
  • Our Commitment to Equity and Inclusion: Our mission is to provide services to support healthy, peaceful, safe and sustainable communities and encourage meaningful participation in community activities and county governance.
  • Choose Projects: Take the survey. Pick your top three projects in each Commissioner District.


Thank you for helping to plan Washington County’s transportation future!